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triple bond three pairs of electrons are shared  
double bone two pairs of electrons are shared  
hydrolysis breakdown of a polymer into a monomer, example is when phosphate bond breaks in ATP  
covalent bond sharing of electrons  
condensation reaction 2 molecules become linked together to form a plymer and a water molecule is produced  
enzyme a substance that accelerates the rate of chemical reaction  
cholesterol lipid  
glucose carbohydrate  
RNA nucleic acid  
sugars (saccharides) carbohydrates  
DNA nucleic acid  
sucrose carbohydrates  
insulin protein  
saturated fat lipid  
hormones protein  
skin protein  
starch carbohydrate  
hair protein  
wax lipid  
cellulose carbohydrate  
muscles protein  
steroids lipids  
glycogen carbohydrate  
enzyme protein  

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