100 Spanish Verbs

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abatir to knock/throw down, to overthrow  
abrasar to burn/set on fire  
abrazar to embrace/hug; to clamp  
abrir to open  
absolver to absolve/acquit  
abstenerse to abstain  
aburrir to annoy/bore  
aburrirse to be bored, to grow tired/weary  
acabar to finish/end/complete  
acelerar to accelerate/speed/hurry  
aceptar to accept  
acercar to bring/place near  
acercarse to approach/draw near  
acertar to succeed/hit the mark, to do (something) right  
aclamar to acclaim/applaud, to shout/hail  
aclarar to explain/clarify/clear/rinse  
acompañar to accompany, to keep company  
aconsejar to advise/counsel  
acordar to agree (upon)  
acordarse to remember  
acostarse to go to bed/lie down  
acostumbrar to be accustomed, to be in the habit of  
acuchillar to knife/cut/slash/cut open  
acudir to attend, to be present frequently  
acusar to accuse  
adelantar to advance/keep on/progress/go ahead  
adelantarse to go forward/go ahead/move ahead/take the lead  
adivinar to divine/foretell/guess  
admirar to admire  
admitir to admit/grant/permit  
adoptar to adopt  
adorar to adore/worship  
adquirir to acquire/get/obtain  
advertir to advise/give notice/give warning/take notice of/warn  
afeitarse to shave oneself  
agarrar to grasp/obtain/seize/catch/clutch/come upon  
agitar to agitate/wave/shake up/stir  
agotar to exhaust/use up  
agradar to please/be pleasing  
agradecer to thank/be thankful for  
agrandar to enlarge/increase/grow larger  
agravar to aggravate/make worse  
agregar to add/collect/gather/aggregate/collate  
agrupar to group  
aguardar to expect/wait for  
ahorrar to save/economize  
alcanzar to reach/overtake  
alegrarse to be glad/rejoice  
almorzar to lunch/have lunch  
alquilar to hire/rent  
alumbrar to illuminate/light/enlighten  
alumbrarse to be or get tipsy/high, to become lively  
alzar to heave/lift/pick up/raise (prices)  
amar to love  
añadir to add  
andar to walk  
anunciar to announce/foretell/proclaim  
apagar to extinguish/turn off  
aparecer to appear/show up  
aplaudir to applaud  
apoderarse to take power/possession  
apreciar to appreciate/appraise/esteem  
aprender to learn  
apresurarse to hasten/hurry/rush  
aprobar to approve, to pass a test  
aprovecharse to take advantage/avail oneself  
apurarse to fret/worry/grieve  
arrancar to pull up/tear off/snatch  
arreglar to fix/arrange/adjust/regulate/settle  
arrojar to fling/throw  
articular to articulate/pronounce distinctly  
aesgurar to assure/assert/insure  
asir to seize/grasp  
asistir to attend/assist/be present  
asustarse to be frightened/scared  
atacar to attack  
atenerse to rely/depend on  
atraer to attract/allure/charm  
atravesar to cross/go through/run through  
atreverse to dare/venture  
avanzar to advance  
averiguar to find out/inquire/investigate  
ayudar to help/aid/assist  
bailar to dance  
bajar to lower/let down/come down/descend/go down  
balbucear to stammer/hesitate (in speech)  
bañarse to bathe oneself/take a bath  
barrer to sweep/whisk  
bastar to be enough/sufficient  
bautizar to baptize/christen  
beber to drink  
bendecir to bless/consecrate  
borrar to erase/cross out  
bostezar to yawn/gape  
botar to fling/cast away/launch  
broncear to bronze/tan  
bullir to boil/bustle/stir  
burlarse to make fun of/ridicule  
buscar to look for/seek  
caber to be contained/fit into  

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