100 more Spanish verbs

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caer to fall  
caerse to fall/fall down/tumble  
calentar to heat/warm  
callarse to be silent/keep quiet  
calzar to wear shoes/put on shoes  
cambiar to change  
caminar to walk/move along  
cansarse to get tired/weary  
cantar to sing  
caracterizar to characterize  
cargar to load/burden  
casarse to get married/marry  
celebrar to celebrate  
cenar to have dinner/supper  
cepillar to brush  
cerrar to close  
certificar to certify/attest/register (a letter)  
charlar to chat  
chistar to mumble  
chupar to suck  
cocinar to cook  
coger to sieze/take/grab/catch  
colegir to collect  
colgar to hang (up)  
colocar to place/put  
comenzar to begin  
comer to eat  
componer to compose  
comprar to buy  
comprender to understand  
conducir to lead/drive/conduct  
confesar to confess  
conocer to know/be acquainted with  
conseguir to attain/get/obtain  
constituir to constitute/make up  
construir to build  
contar to count/tell  
contener to contain/hold  
contestar to answer  
continuar to continue  
contribuir to contribute  
convencer to convince  
convenir to agree/convene  
convertir to convert  
convocar to call together/convene  
corregir to correct  
correr to run/race/flow  
cortar to cut/cut off/cut out  
costar to cost  
crecer to grow  
creer to believe  
criar to raise/rear  
cruzar to cross  
cubrir to cover  
cuidarse to take care of oneself  
cumplir to fulfill/keep (a promise)  
dar to give  
deber must, ought, to owe  
decidir to decide  
decir to say/tell  
declarar to declare  
dedicarse to devote oneself  
defender to defend  
dejar to allow/leave  
delinquir to be delinquent/violate the law  
demostrar to demonstrate/prove  
denunciar to denounce  
depender to depend  
derribar to knock/throw/tear down, to overthrow  
desayunarse to have breakfast  
descansar to rest  
describir to describe  
descubrir to discover  
desear to desire/wish  
desempaƱar to act (a part)/discharge/perform (a duty)  
deshacer to take apart/destroy/undo  
despedirse to take leave of/say goodbye to  
despegar to detach/unstick/take off (as an airplane)  
desperezarse to stretch oneself  
despertarse to wake oneself  
destruir to destroy  
desvestirse to undress oneself  
detener to stop/detain (something/someone)  
detenerse to stop (oneself)  
devolver to give back/return/refund  
dibujar to draw/design  
dirigir to direct  
disculparse to apologize/excuse oneself  
discutir to discuss  
dispensar to dispense/excuse  
distinguir to distinguish  
divertirse to have a good time  
divorciarse to get/be divorced  
doler to ache/hurt/cause grief or regret  
dormir to sleep  
ducharse to take a shower  
dudar to doubt  
echar to throw/fling/cast  
ejecutar to execute/carry out  
ejercer to exercise/practice (a profession)  

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