Lesson 6 Vocab from A Reading Course in Homeric Greek by Schoder, Horrigan and Edwards

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ἀπό [+gen] away from, from  
γὰρ for  
ἐκ [+gen] out of  
ἐν [+dat] in, on, among  
ἐπί [+gen] upon  
ἐπί [+dat] on, at, beside  
ἐπί [+acc] to, towards; after [in search or attack]  
καί and; even, also  
σύν [+dat] with  
ὑπό [+gen] from under; under the influence of, =by  
ὑπό [+dat] under [at rest]  
ὑπό [+acc] under [motion to]  

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