Vestibular System 2

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What is the function of the utricle? Signals position of the head in space and responds to gravity in the HORIZONTAL plane.  
What is the function of the saccule? Responds to gravity in the VERTICAL direction.  
What is the function of the semicircular canals? To detect motion of the head in space, specifically angular or rotational movement.  
What is the vascular supply to the labyrinths? The vestibular artery as a branch off the AICA or basilar.  
What is the innervation for the labyrinths? Vestibular nerve (CN VIII).  
Where are the cell bodies of CN VIII for both parts of the labyrinths? Scarpa’s ganglion.  
How are the afferent signals from the labyrinths carried through the temporal bone to the brainstem? On CN VIII through the internal auditory canal.  
What are the nuclei in the vestibular nuclear complex? Four major nuclei and seven minor nuclei that are the primary processors of vestibular info as well as proprioceptive, visual, and tactile input.  
Where does vestibular information go from the vestibular nuclei? The cerebellum, spinal cord, motor nuclei, CNX, or thalamus>parietal lobe.  
How does the cerebellum use the information from the vestibular nuclei? To coordinate balance responses.  
Which tract do the vestibular nuclei use to activate postural responses? Vestibulospinal.  
What are the pathways for the vestibulospinal tract? From utricle to lateral vestibulospinal tract to UE and trunk (+extensors, -flexors), and from semicircular canals to the medial vestibulospinal tract to neck and upper trunk for equilibrium responses.  
How do the motor nuclei of the extraocular muscles use the information from the vestibular nuclei? To coordinate eye movements with the head and for reflexive eye movements, uses MLF to reach CN III, IV, & VI (eye muscles).  
How does the thalamus>parietal lobe use the information from the vestibular nuclei? For awareness of the body in space.  
What type of influence does the cerebellum have on the vestibular nuclei? Inhibitory.  
Input from the vestibular nuclei go to what parts of the cerebellum? The vermis and flocculus.  
Lesions of the flocculus result in what disorder? A gain of the VOR (head mvmt. vs. eye mvmt).  
Lesions of the vermis affect what reflex? The VSR (gait ataxia, trunk instability).  
What is the purpose of the VOR? Keep stable vision while the head is being moved.  
What are the primary nuclei for the VOR? Superior and medial vestibular nuclei.  
What is the purpose of the VSR? Keep the head and body stabilized.  
What are the primary nuclei for the VSR? Medial and lateral vestibular nuclei.  

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