Dates for Shannon Mid-term

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1683 Jan Sibieski leads Christians to victory against Turks at Vienna  
1694 Bank of England founded  
1702 Death of William of Orange  
1707 Act of Union  
1713 Treaty of Utrecht  
1714 Reign of George I of England begins  
1729 Jonathan Swift's  
1733 Voltaire's Letters Concerning the English Nation  
1738 Pope Clement XII condemns Free-Masonry  
1748 Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle  
1762 Rousseau's The Social Contract  
1763 Peace of Paris  
1765 Stamp Act imposed on British colonies  
1773 Suppression of the Jesuits  
1775 Flour War (food riot) in France  
1781 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason  
1783 Death of St. Benedict Joseph Labre  
1789 Louis XVI convenes the Estates-General  
1790 Civil Constitution of the Clergy  
1791 Declaration of Pillnitz  
1793 Execution of Louis XVI  
1799 Napoleon Bonaparte seizes power from the Directory  
1804 Napoleon crowned himself Emperor  
1806 Continental System established  
1812 Napoleon attacks Russia  
1815 Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo  

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