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ἀγαθός good, useful  
ἀγαπητός beloved  
αἰώνιος eternal  
ἀλλήλων one another  
ἀπεκρίθη he/she/it answered  
ὁ δοῦλος slave, servant  
ἐάν if, when  
ἐμός, ἐμή, ἐμόν my, mine  
ἡ ἐντολή commandment  
καθώς as, even as  
κακός bad, evil  
μου, ἐμοῦ my  
νεκρός adjective: dead; noun: dead body, corpse  
πιστός faithful, believing  
πονηρός evil, bad  
πρῶτος first, earlier  
τρίτος third  

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