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What is included in a PNF eval? Proximal to distal, Stability to mobility, Head/neck, Upper trunk/UE, Lower trunk/LE  
What are the basics of PNF? Two patterns are present for each major part of the body X, Each diagonal pattern has a flexion & extension combined with IR or ER and mvmt either toward or away from midline, Crossing midline is remediation for neglect, Rotation is always a component, Optimal muscle patterns are provided in the diagonal patterns which mimic function  
Describe UE D1 Flexion (antagonist of D1 extension). Hand to mouth function, §Scapular elevation & abduction, § Shoulder flexion, adduction , ER, § Elbow in flexion (or extension), § Forearm supination, § Wrist flexion, radial deviation, § Finger flexion, adduction, § Thumb adduction  
Describe UE D1 Extension (antagonist of D1 flexion). Opening a car door from inside, rolling from prone to supine function, § Scapular depression, adduction, § Shoulder extension, abduction, IR, § Elbow in extension (or flexion), § Forearm pronation, § Wrist extension, ulnar deviation, § Finger extension and abduction, § Thumb palmar abduction  
Describe UE D2 Flexion (antagonist for D2 extension). Combing hair on right side with right hand function, § Scapula elevation, abduction, upward rotation, § Shoulder flexion, abduction, ER, § Elbow extension (or flexion), § Forearm supination, § Wrist extension, radial deviation, § Fingers extended, abducted, § Thumb extension  
Describe UE D2 Extension (antagonist for D2 flexion). Drawing the sword, buttoning pants on left side with right hand function, § Scapular depression, abduction, rotation, § Shoulder extension, adduction, IR, § Elbow in extension (or flexion), § Forearm pronation, § Wrist flexion, ulnar deviation, § Fingers flexed and adducted, § Thumb in opposition  
Bilateral Symmetrical mvmt. Paired extremities perform the same mvmts at the same time  
Bilateral symmetrical D1 extension. Pushing off a chair to stand  
Bilateral symmetrical D2 extension. Starting to take off a pullover shirt  
Bilateral Asymmetrical mvmt. Paired extremities perform mvmts toward one side of the body at the same time, Facilitates trunk rotation, Putting in an earring with two hands, Zipping a side zipper with two hands  
Bilateral Reciprocal mvmt. Paired extremities move in opposite directions simultaneously either in same or combined diagonals  
Bilateral Reciprocal, same diagonal. Arm swing when walking  
Bilateral Reciprocal, combined diagonal. Sidestroke in swimming  
Ipsilateral patterns. Extremities on the same side moving in the same direction at the same time (robot walk)  
Contralateral patterns. Extremities on opposite sides moving in the same direction at the same time (normal walking stride)  
Diagonal reciprocal patterns. Contralateral extremities moving in the same direction/same time with opposite contralateral extremities moving in the opposite direction (normal walking)  

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