chapter 1 singular to plural for greek or latin terms

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-a (sing) -ae (pl) vertabra>vertabrae  
-ax (sing) -aces (pl) thorax>thoraces  
-ex, ix (sing) -eces,ices (pl) appendix>appendices  
-is (sing) -es (pl) metastasis>metastates  
-ma (sing) -mata (pl) sarcoma>sarcomata  
-nx (sing) -nges (pl) phalanx>phalanges  
-on (sing) -a (pl) ganglion>ganglia  
-us (sing) -i (pl) nucleus>nuclei  
-um (sing) -a (pl) ovum> ova  
-y (sing) -ies (pl) biopsy>biopies  

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