Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 89x-80x

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יֶלֶד child, boy, youth (89)  
דֶּלֶת door (88)  
דַּעַת knowledge, understanding, ability (88)  
טָמֵא unclean (88)  
שִׁיר Qal-to sing; singer(ptcp) (88)  
שֶׁקֶל shekel, measurement of weight (88)  
לָמַד Qal-to learn; Piel-to teach (87)  
עָנָן clouds (collective), cloud mass (87)  
עֵצָה counsel, plan, advice (87)  
שֶׁלֶם peace offering (87)  
פֵּאָה corner, side, edge (86)  
שִׁית Qal-to set, put, place, lay hand upon, set one's mind to (86)  
הָמוׂן multitude, crowd, sound, roar (85) (revised)
קָנָה Qal-to get, acquire, buy (85)  
פָּלַל Hith-to pray, make intercession (84)  
רָחוׂק distant, remote, far away (84) (revised)
גּוּר Qal-to sojourn, dwell as a foreigner or alien (82)  
זָכָר male, man (82)  
סָתַר Ni-to be hidden, hide oneself; Hi-hide (82)  
עָזַר Qal-to help, assist, come to the aid of (82)  
פֹּה here, at this place (82)  
קָלַל Qal-to be small, be insignificant, be of little account, be swift; Ni/Pi-declare cursed; Hi-lighten, make lighter, treat with contempt (82)  
אָוֶן iniquity, wickedness, evildoer (81)  
מָהַר Pi-to hasten, hurry, go or come quickly (81)  
מָשַׁל Qal-to rule, reign, govern, have dominion (81)  
שָׁחַט Qal-to slaughter (81)  
הֵיכָל temple, palace (80)  
חׂשֶׁךְ darkness (80)  
יָעַץ Qal-to advise, counsel, plan, decide; Ni-consult together (80)  
מָכַר Qal-to sell to hand over; Ni-be sold, sell oneself (80)  
עוּר Qal-to be awake, stir up; Hi-arouse, rouse, wake up, stir up; Polel-arouse, disturb, awaken  
עָנִי poor, humble, afflicted (80)  
קָרְבָּן gift, offering (80)  

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