Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 79x-75x

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אוׂצָר treasure, treasury, storehouse (79)  
אוׂת sign, mark, pledge (79)  
עָנָה Qal-to be afflicted, be humbled, become low; Pi-afflict, oppress, humiliate, violate (79)  
שׁוׂר ox, bull, cow (79)  
יְשׁוּעָה salvation, help, deliverance (78)  
מִשְׁמֶרֶת watch, guard, affliction (78)  
נֶגַע mark, plague, affliction (78)  
רָכַב Qal-to mount and ride, ride; Hi-cause or make to ride (78)  
שִׁיר song (78)  
תֵּשַׁע nine (78)  
גּוׂרָל lot, portion, allotment (77)  
חָנַן Qal-to be gracious to, show favor to, favor; Hith-plead for grace, implore favor or compassion (77)  
תְּפִלָּה prayer (77)  
בַּרְזֶל iron (76)  
מִקְנֶה cattle, livestock, property (76)  
נַעֲרָה young girl, newly married woman, maidservant (76)  
עׂז strength, power, might (76)  
קֶרֶן horn (76)  
קֶשֶׁת bow, weapon (76)  
תְּרוּמָה offering, contribution, tribute (76)  
חָלָה Qal-to become weak or tired, become sick; Ni-be exhausted, be made sick; Pi-appease, flatter (75)  
מִקְדָּשׁ sanctuary (75)  
עָרַךְ Qal-to lay out, set in rows, arrange, set in order, stack wood, draw up a battle formation (75)  
קָרוׂב near, close (75)  

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