Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 74x-70x

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חָפֵץ Qal-to delight in, take pleasure in, desire, be willing (74)  
מָאַס Qal-to refuse, reject, despise (74)  
מִזְרָח east, sunrise (74)  
נָצַב Ni-to stand firm, take one's stand, station oneself, be positioned; Hi-station, set up, place, establish (74)  
סֶלָה technical poetic notation of uncertain meaning; Ps and Hab (74)  
עֵז (fs)goat, goat's hair (74)  
קָטׂן small, young, insignificant (74)  
שָׁלָל plunder, spoil, loot (74)  
אָסַר Qal-to tie, bind, fetter, imprison (73)  
אֶרֶז cedar (73)  
בַּל no, never (73)  
הֶבֶל vanity, futility, breath (73)  
זָעַק Qal-to cry out, call for help, summon (73)  
חֶרְפָּה reproach, disgrace, shame (73)  
צוּר rock, boulder (73)  
קִיר wall (73)  
בֶּטֶן (fs)belly, stomach, womb (72)  
גִּבְעָה hill (72)  
מַדּוּעַ why? (72)  
צַר adversary, enemy (72)  
רָחַץ Qal-to wash (with water), wash off or away, bathe, bathe oneself (72)  
רִיב Qal-to strive, contend, quarrel, dispute, conduct a legal case (72)  
שׁוׂפָר trumpet, ram's horn (72)  
בְּרָכָה blessing, gift (71)  
לִין Qal-to remain overnight, spend the night, stay, dwell (71)  
עוׂף flying creatures (collective), birds, insects (71)  
פָּלָא Ni-to be extraordinary, be wonderful, be too difficult; Hi-do something wonderful (71)  
שָׁבַת Qal-To stop, cease, rest; Hi-put an end to, bring to a stop, remove, put away (71)  
שֻׁלְחָן table (71)  
זָר foreign, strange (70)  
כְּסִיל fool, shameless person (70)  
מָשַׁח Qal-to smear, anoint (70)  
נָבַט Hi-to look at or out, gaze, behold (70)  
עֵמֶק valley, plain (70)  
צָרָה distress, anxiety, trouble (70)  
תָּקַע Qal-to drive or thrust a weapon into a person, pitch a tent, blow a trumpet, clap one's hands (70)  

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