Biblical Hebrew Vocabularly - word frequency 109x-100x

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רַק only, still, but, however (109)  
נָחַם Ni-to be sorry, regret, console oneself, comfort oneself, have compassion; Pi-comfort, console (108)  
שׁלִישִׁי third (108)  
הֵן behold, if (107)  
כֶּבֶשׂ lamb, sheep (107)  
סָפַר Qal-to count; Pi-count, recount, relate, make known, proclaim, report, tell (107)  
בָּמָה cultic high place, hill (106)  
יָתַר Ni-to be left over, remain; Hi-leave over, have something left over or remaining (106)  
בַּעַד behind, through (104)  
גָּאַל Qal-to redeem, deliver, act as kinsman, avenge (104)  
חֻקָּה statue, ordinance (104)  
רוּץ Qal-to run (104)  
תָּמִיד continually (104)  
מַרְאֶה vision, sight, appearance (103)  
כָּפַר Pi-to cover, atone, make atonement (102)  
שָׁכַח Qal-to forget; Ni-be forgotten (102)  
מְעַט little, few (101)  
רׂחַב width, breadth, expanse (101)  
רָעָב famine, hunger (101)  
יַעַן on account of (100)  

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