Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 119x-110x

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אָחוׂת sister, relative, loved one (119)  
יָשָׁר upright, just, level, straight (119)  
נָהָר river, stream (119)  
פְּרִי fruit, offspring (119)  
בָּטַח Qal-to trust, be confident, rely upon (118)  
פַּעַם foot, pace, time (118)  
תּוׂעֵבָה abomination, abhorrence, offensive thing (118)  
גָּדַל Qal-to grow up, become great, become strong, wealthy or important; Pi-bring up children, make great, extol; Hi-make great, magnify, do great things (117)  
יָטַב Qal-to be well with, go well with, be pleasing; Hi-make things go well for, do good to, deal well with, treat kindly (117)  
לָשׁוׂן tongue, language (117)  
מַמְלָכָה kingdom, dominion, reign (117)  
קָדוׂשׁ holy, set apart (117)  
שָׂרַף Qal-to burn completely, destroy; Ni-be burned (117)  
שָׁפַךְ Qal-to pour out, spill, shed blood (117)  
שָׁלֵם Qal-to be complete, be finished; Pi-complete, finish, make whole, restore, repay, requite, recompense, reward, perform a vow; Hi-bring to completion, consummate, make peace (116)  
נָבָא Ni-to prophesy, be in a state of prophetic ecstasy; Hith-speak or behave as a prophet, be in a state of prophetic ecstasy (115)  
קָטַר Pi-to make a sacrifice go up in smoke, offer a sacrifice by burning; Hi-cause a sacrifice to go up in smoke (115)  
בָּכָה Qal-to weep, weep for (114)  
כָּבֵד Qal-to be heavy, be weighty, be honored; Ni-be honored; Pi-make insensitive, honor; Hi-make heavy, dull or insensitive, harden heart, cause to be honored (114)  
מִגְרָשׁ open land, pasture (114)  
שֶׁקֶר lie, deception, falsehood (113)  
בִּלְתִּי not, except (negates Inf Cstr) (112)  
לָבַשׁ Qal-to put on a garment, clothe, be clothed; Hi-clothe (112)  
עַמּוּד pillar, column, tent pole (112)  
יָדָה Hi-to thank, praise, confess; Hith-confess (112)  
כָּנָף wing, edge, extremity (111)  
שַׁבָּת Sabbath, period of rest (111)  
עָפָר dust, dry earth (110)  

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