Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 64x-60x

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גַּיְא valley (64)  
יְאׂר stream, river, Nile (64)  
תָּמַם Qal-to be complete or finished, come to an end, cease, be consumed, be spent, be burned out (64)  
אָחַז Qal-to seize, grasp, take hold of, hold fast (63)  
אָרַר Qal-to curse (63)  
בָּרַח Qal-to run away, flee, go through (63)  
דָּרַךְ Qal-to tread (also in the sense of pressing for wine or oil), march, bend (draw) the box; Hi-cause to tread, march or walk (63)  
יָצַר Qal-to form, fashion, shape, create (63)  
יָרֵא fearful, afraid of (63)  
נָצַר Qal-to keep watch, watch over, guard, protect, preserve (63)  
קָרַע Qal-to tear, rend, cut up, tear away (63)  
שִׁפְחָה female slave, slave girl, maidservant (63)  
אֵצֶל beside, near (62)  
גְּבוּרָה power, strength (62)  
חַג feast, festival, procession (62)  
קָנֶה reed (62)  
רִיב dispute, quarrel, lawsuit (62)  
שָׁקָה Hi-to give drink to, provide drink for, irrigate (62)  
אֶבְיוׂן poor, needy (61)  
אַחֲרִית end, extremity, last (61)  
אֵיךְ how? (61)  
אוּלָם porch (61)  
דּוׂד beloved, uncle (61)  
מָלֵא full, filled (61)  
עֵדוּת witness, testimony (61)  
קֶדֶם east, ancient times (61)  
אַלּוּף tribal chief, leader (60)  
בָּעַר Qal-to burn up, consume; Pi-kindle, burn (60)  
זָנָה Qal-to commit fornication, be a harlot (prostitue), be unfaithful (60)  
חָמָס violence, wrong (60)  
מָגֵן shield (60)  
נֶדֶר vow (60)  
נֶסֶךְ drink offering (60)  
עֲרָבָה desert plain, Arabah (60)  
פָּדָה Qal-to ransom, redeem, buy out (60)  
קְטׂרֶת incense, smoke (60)  
שָׂכַל Hi-to understand, comprehend, have insight, make wise, have success (60)  

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