Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 59x-55x

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אׂרַח road, path, way (59)  
בְּלִי without, nothing (59)  
הֵנָּה here (59)  
יָבֵשׁ Qal-to dry up, be dry, wither; Hi-make dry, make wither (59)  
יָכַח Hi-to reprove, rebuke, reproach, chasten, punish, decide, mediate, arbitrate (59)  
נָחַל Qal-to take as a possession, obtain property, give as an inheritance; Hi-give as an inheritance (59)  
נָטַע Qal-to plant (59)  
סֶלַע rock, stone, cliff (59)  
רָחַק Qal-to be far or distant, keep far from; Hi-remove, put far away, keep at a distance (59)  
שָׁדַד Qal-to devastate, ruin, deal violently with, violently destroy; Pu-be devastated (59)  
אֱלוׂהַּ God, god (59)  
פָּעַל Qal-to do, make perform, practice (58)  
רֵיחַ smell, odor, scent (58)  
תְּהִלָּה praise, song of praise (58)  
אֶדֶן base, pedestal (58)  
חָזָק strong, mighty, hard (57)  
יַעַר forest, woods, thicket (57)  
מִזְמוׂר psalm, song (57)  
פָּרָשׁ horseman, horse (57)  
אָמָה female servant, handmaid, maidservant (56)  
זָרַע Qal-to sow, scatter seed (56)  
טֶרֶם before, not yet (56)  
מַחֲשָׁבָה thought, plan, scheme (56)  
רָצוׂן pleasure, acceptance, favor (56)  
שְׁמָמָה desolation, waste, ruin (56)  
אַלְמָנָה widow (55)  
גֶּפֶן vine, grapevine (55)  
דָּבַק Qal-to cling, cleave to, stick to; Hi-cause to cling, cleave or stick to, pursue closely (55)  
חָדַל Qal-to cease, end, stop, refrain, desist, discontinue (55)  
חָזָה Qal-to see, behold, perceive (55)  
חָלַק Qal-to divide, share (with/in), apportion, distribute; Pi-divide, apportion, scatter (55)  
חֵץ arrow (55)  
חָתַת Qal-to be shattered, be dismayed, be filled with terror (55)  
כָּעַס Qal-to be angry, be vexed; Hi-vex, provoke, provoke to anger (55)  
מִדָּה measure, measurement (55)  
צָעַק Qal-to shout, cry out, call for help; Ni-be called together, be summoned (55)  
רְבִיעִי fourth (55)  
שֵׁן tooth, ivory (55)  

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