Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 54x-50x

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אָבָה Qal-to be willing, consent, yield to, accede to, want something (54)  
גָּמָל camel (54)  
דְּבַשׁ honey (54)  
יְרִיעָה tent curtain (54)  
מָרוׂם height, elevation, pride (54)  
סׂפֵר scribe, secretary (54)  
עָמָל trouble, labor, toil (54)  
עֶרְוָה nakedness (54)  
שְׂמׂאל left, left side, north (54)  
שָׁוְא worthlessness, vanity, emptiness (54)  
חָדָשׁ new, fresh (53)  
יוׂמָם by day, daily, in the daytime (53)  
יָצַק Qal-to pour, pour out liquid, cast metal, flow into; Hoph-be cast, be poured out, be emptied out (53)  
מְדִינָה province, district (53)  
מַצָּה unleavened bread (53)  
סׂלֶת flour (53)  
עֶלְיוׂן upper, Most High (53)  
צֵל shadow, shade, protection (53)  
רָנַן Qal-to call or cry aloud, shout with joy; Pi-cry out with joy, exult (53)  
אַיֵּה where? (53)  
מָדַד Qal-to measure, measure off distance or expanse, measure out grain (52)  
מָחָר tomorrow (52)  
שָׂעִיר male goat (52)  
אַחֲרוׂן last, behind, west (51)  
בָּקַע Qal-to cleave, split, breach, break open; Ni-be cleft, be split open; Pi-split, rip open (51)  
הוׂי woe! oh! ha! (51)  
כָּבַס Pi-to clean, cleanse, wash away guilt (51)  
נָדַח Ni-to be scattered, be banished, be driven away, be thrust out; Hi-scatter, drive away, disperse, thrust out, tempt, seduce (51)  
קֶרֶשׁ board, plank (51)  
רֵאשִׁית beginning, plank (51)  
תָּעָה Qal-to err, wander about, stagger, go astray; Hi-lead astray, cause to err (51)  
בְּתוּלָה virgin (50)  
חָרַם Hi-to devote to the ban, dedicate for destruction, exterminate (50)  
טַבַּעַת ring, signet ring (50)  
מוּסָר discipline, correction, instruction (50)  
נָכַר Hi-to recognize, know, investigate, be acquainted with, acknowledge (50)  
נָשַׂג Hi-to reach, overtake (50)  

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