Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 129x-120x

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אֱמֶת truth, fidelity (127)  
קָבַץ Qal-to collect, gather, assemble; Ni-be gathered, be assembled; Pi-gather together, assemble (127)  
כׂחַ strength, power (126)  
עֶצֶם (fs) bone, skeleton (126)  
בּוׂשׁ Qal-to be ashamed; Hi-put to shame, be ashamed (125)  
חֵמָה wrath, heat, poison (125)  
חֲצִי half, middle (125)  
נָגַשׁ Qal-to draw near, come near approach; Ni-draw near; Hi-bring near, offer sacrifice (125)  
שָׁלַךְ Hi-to send, throw, cast; Hoph-be thrown, be cast (125)  
חָשַׁב Qal-to think, consider, devise, plan, value, esteem, reckon; Ni-be reckoned, be accounted, be esteemed, be considered; Pi-think, consider, devise, plan (124)  
צֶדֶק righteousness, equity (123)  
קָהָל assembly, community, crowd (123)  
אֲנַחְנוּ we (1cp personal pronoun) (121)  
לָכַד Qal-to take, capture, catch, seize; Ni-be caught, be captured (121)  
אוׂר light, daylight, sunshine (120)  
בְּכוׂר firstborn, oldest offspring (120)  
רֶכֶב chariot, chariots or chariot riders, upper millstone (120)  

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