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ἅγιος, -ία, -ιον adjective: holy; plural noun: saints  
εἰ if  
εἰ μή except, if not  
εἷς, μία, ἕν one  
ἤδη now, already  
τό ὄνομα, ὀνόματος name, reputation  
οὐδείς, οὐδεμία, οὐδέν no one, none, nothing  
πᾶς, πᾶσα, πᾶν singular: each, every; plural: all  
περί gen: concerning, about; acc:around  
ἡ σάρξ, σαρκός flesh, body  
σύν dat: with  
τό σῶμα, -ματος body  
τό τέκνον, -ου child, descendant  
τίς, τί who? what? which? why?  
τις, τι someone/thing, certain one/thing, anyone/thing  

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