Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 139x-130x

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מִשְׁכָּן dwelling place, tabernacle (139)  
נְחׂשֶׁת copper, bronze (139)  
חָכָם wise, skillful, experienced (138)  
יֵשׁ there is, there are (particle of existence) (138)  
סוּס horse (138)  
נַחַל stream, brook, wadi (138)  
פָּתַח Qal-to open; Ni-be opened, be loosened, be set free; Pi-let loose, loosen, free, unsaddle (136)  
קָרָא Qal-to meet, encounter, befall, happen; with Inf. Cstr. and prep לְ-toward, against, opposite (136)  
חָלַל Ni-to be defiled, be profaned, defile oneself; Pi-profane, pollute, defile, dishonor, violate; Hi-let something be profaned, begin (135)  
כִּסֵּא seat, chair, throne (135)  
זָבַח Qal-to slaughter, sacrifice; Pi-offer sacrifice, sacrifice (134)  
מִסְפָּר number (134)  
עֶרֶב evening, sunset (134)  
פָּנָה Qal-to turn toward/from/to the side/away (134)  
שֶׁמֶשׁ sun (134)  
אַף also, indeed, even (133)  
חוׂמָה wall (133)  
פֶּן־ lest, otherwise (133)  
פַּר bull, ox, steer (133)  
קָבַר Qal-to bury; Ni-be buried (133)  
שָׁאַר Ni-to remain, be left over, survive; Hi-leave remaining, spare (133)  
חׂק statue, appointed time, portion (131)  
נָשִׂיא chief, leader, prince (130)  
שָׁכַן Qal-to settle down, abide, reside, dwell, inhabit; Pi-abide, dwell (130)  

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