Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 209x-180x

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כָּלָה Qal-to be complete, be finished, be at an end, come to an end, be accomplished, be spent, be exhausted; Pi-complete, finish, bring to an end (207)  
צַדִּיק righteous, just, innocent (206)  
יָשַׁע Ni-to be delivered, be victorious, receive help; Hi-help, save, deliver, rescue, come to the aid of (205)  
שָׁפַט Qal-to judge, make a judgment, decide between, settle a dispute; Ni-go to court, plead, dispute (204)  
אֲרוׂן ark, chest, coffin (202)  
אָסַף Qal-to gather in, take in, take away, destroy; Ni-be gathered, assemble, be taken away (200)  
כָּבוׂד glory, splendor, honor, abundance (200)  
רוּם Qal-to be high, be exalted, rise, arise; Hi-raise, lift up, exalt, take away; Hoph-be exalted; Polel-exalt, bring up, extol, raise children (197)  
כַּף (fs)hand, palm sole of the foot (195)  
יָכׂל Qal-to be able, be capable of, endure, prevail, be victorious (193)  
שֶׁמֶן oil, fat (193)  
חָצֵר courtyard, village, settlement (192)  
סֵפֶר book, scroll, document (191)  
בְּהֵמָה animal(s), beast(s), cattle (190)  
שֵׁבֶט rod, staff, scepter, tribe (190)  
אׂזֶן ear (188)  
רֵעַ friend, companion, neighbor (188)  
גָּלָה Qal-to uncover, reveal, disclose; Ni-uncover oneself, be revealed, be exposed; Pi-uncover, reveal, disclose; Hi-take into exile (187)  
שָׁבַע Ni-to swear, swear an oathe, adjure; Hi-cause to take an oath, adjure, plead with someone (186)  
אָבַד Qal-to perish, vanish, become lost, go astray; Pi-cause to perish, destroy; Hi-exterminate (185)  
מִצְוָה commandment (184)  
בָּקָר cattle, herd (183)  
רִאשׁוׂן first, former (182)  
זָקֵן old, elder (180)  

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