Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 50,524x-2,000x

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וְ and, but, also, even, then (50,524)  
הַ the (definite article) (24,058)  
לְ to, toward, for (20,321)  
בְּ in, at, with, by, against (15,559)  
אֵת (definite direct object marker) no translation (10,978)  
מִן from, out of (7,592)  
עַל on, upon, on account of, according to (5,777)  
אֶל־ to, toward, in, into (5,518)  
אֲשֶׁר who, that, which (relative pronoun) (5,503)  
כּלׁ all, each, every (5,415)  
אָמַר Qal-to say, mention, think; Ni-be said, be called; Hi-declare, proclaim (5,316)  
לאׁ no, not (5,189)  
בֵּן son (4,941)  
כִּי that, because; but, except; indeed, truly (4,487)  
הָיָה Qal-to be, become, take place, happen, occur; Ni-be done, be brought about, come to pass, occur (3,576)  
כְּ as, like, according to (3,053)  
עָשָׂה Qal-to do, make, create, acquire, prepare, carry out; Ni-be done, be made (2,632)  
אֱלהִׁים God, gods (2,602)  
בּוׂא Qal-to go in, enter, come to, come upon, arrive; Hi-bring in, come in; Hoph-be brought (2,592)  
מֶלֶךְ king, ruler (2,530)  
אֶרֶץ (fs) land, earth, ground (2,505)  
יוׂם day (2,301)  
אִישׁ man, husband, each (2,188)  
פָּנִים face, front (2,126)  
בַּיִת house, household (2,047)  
נָתַן Qal-to give, put, set; Ni-be given (2,014)  

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