Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 1999x-900x

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עַם people (1,869)  
יָד (fs) hand; side, power (1,627)  
הָלַךְ Qal-to go, walk, behave, die, pass away; Pi-go, walk; Hith-walk about, move to and fro (1,554)  
דָּבָר word, matter, thing (1,454)  
הוּא he, it; that (1,398)  
רָאָה Qal-to see, perceive, understand; Ni-appear, become visible; Pu-be seen; Hi-let or cause someone to see, show someone something (1,311)  
עַד until, as far as, during (1,263)  
אָב father, ancestor (1,210)  
זֶה this (1,178)  
שָׁמַע Qal-to hear, listen to, understand, obey; Ni-be heard; Hi-cause to hear, proclaim (1,165)  
דָּבַר Qal-to speak; Pi-speak to, with or about (1,136)  
יָשַׁב Qal-to sit down, remain, dwell, inhabit; Hi-cause to sit or dwell, settle a city (1,088)  
עִיר city, town (1,088)  
יָצָא Qal-to go out, go forth, come out, come forth; Hi-cause to go out or come out, lead out, bring forth (1,076)  
שׁוּב Qal-to turn back, return, go back, come back, turn away from; Hi-cause to return, bring back, lead back, give back, restore; Polel-bring back, restore (1,075)  
אִם if (1,070)  
הִנֵּה behold, look (1,061)  
עִם with, together with (1,048)  
אֶחָד one (976)  
לָקַח Qal-to take, grasp, capture, seize, lay hold of, accept, receive; Ni-be captured, be taken away; Pu-be taken away (967)  
יָדַע Qal-to know, have understanding, notice, observe, become acquainted with, have intercourse with; Ni-become known, reveal oneself; Hi-make known, inform (956)  
עַיִן eye, spring (900)  

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