Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 999x-700x

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עָלָה Qal-to go up, ascend; Ni-be taken up; Hi-bring or lead up or out, offer up sacrifice (894)  
אֵת with, beside (890)  
שָׁנָה year (878)  
אֲנִי I (874)  
שֵׁם name, reputation (864)  
לֵב heart, mind, will (854)  
שָׁלַח Qal-to send, stretch out; Pi-send, stretch out, send away, expel, let go free; Pu-be set away (847)  
מוּת Qal-to die; Hi-kill, put to death; Hoph-be killed, suffer death (845)  
שָׁם there, then, at that time (835)  
אָכַל Qal-to eat, consume; Ni-be eaten, be consumed; Hi-feed, cause to eat (820)  
עֶבֶד slave, servant (803)  
אַיִן is not, are not (particle of non-existence) (790)  
אִשָּׁה woman, wife (781)  
אָדוׂן lord, master (774)  
גַּם also, even (769)  
שְׁנַיִם two (769)  
נֶפֶשׁ soul, life, person, neck, throat (757)  
כׂהֵן priest (750)  
אַתָּה you (749)  
אֵלֶּה these (744)  
כֵּן so, thus (741)  
קָרָא Qal-to call, summon, proclaim, announce, shout, read aloud, give a name to; Ni-be called, be summoned, be proclaimed (739)  
אַל no, not (729)  
אַחֲרֵי after, behind (718)  
דֶּרֶךְ way, road, journey (712)  

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