Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 699x-500x

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הֲ interrogative particle; prefixed to the first word of a question (664)  
נָשָׂא Qal-to lift, carry, raise, bear, take away; Ni-be carried, be lifted up, be exalted; Pi-lift up, exalt; Hith-lift oneself up, exalt oneself (659)  
אָח brother (629)  
קוּם Qal-to rise, arise, get up, stand up; Hi-set up, erect, put up, cause to arise, establish (627)  
שָׁלׂשׁ three (606)  
זאׁת this (605)  
רׂאשׁ head, top, chief (600)  
שִׂים Qal-to set up, put, place, lay upon, set in place, establish, confirm (588)  
בַּת daughter (587)  
מֵאָה hundred (583)  
מַיִם water (585)  
כּׂה thus, here (577)  
מָה what? (571)  
גּוׂי nation, people (567)  
הֵם they; those (565)  
הַר mountain, hill, hill country (558)  
עָבַר Qal-to pass over, pass through, pass by, cross; Hi-cause to pass over, bring over, cause or allow to pass through, cause to pass through fire, sacrifice (553)  
אָדָם man, mankind (546)  
טוׂב good, pleasant (530)  
גָּדוׂל great, big, large (527)  
עָמַד Qal-to stand, take one's stand, stand still; Hi-station, set up, set in position, appoint, designate (524)  
תַּחַת under, below, instead of (510)  
חָמֵשׁ five (508)  
קוׂל voice, sound, noise (505)  
נָכָה Hi-to strike, smite, beat, strike dead, destroy, injure; Hoph-be struck down dead, be beaten (501)  

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