Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 499x-400x

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יָלַד Qal-to bear children, give birth, bring forth, beget; Ni-be born; Pi-help at birth, serve as midwife; Pu-be born; Hi-beget, become the father of (499)  
פֶּה mouth, opening (498)  
אֶלֶף thousand (496)  
צָוָה Pi-to command, give an order, charge; Pu-be ordered, be told, receive a command (496)  
עֶשֶׂר ten (492)  
הִיא she, it (491)  
עוׂד again, still, as long as (491)  
שֶׁבַע seven (490)  
צָבָא host, army, war, service (487)  
קׂדֶשׁ holiness, something that is holy (470)  
שָׁמַר Qal-to watch over, guard, keep, observe, preserve, protect, take care of; Ni-to be kept, be protected, be on one's guard (469)  
מָצָא Qal-to find out, reach, obtain, achieve; Ni-be found, be found sufficient (457)  
אַרְבַּע four (455)  
עוׂלָם forever, everlasting, ancient (439)  
נָפַל Qal-to fall, fall prostrate, fall upon; Hi-cause to fall, bring to ruin (435)  
עַתָּה now, after all, at last, then (435)  
מִשְׁפָּט judgment, decision, ordinance, law, custom, manner (425)  
מִי who? (424)  
שַׂר chief official, ruler, prince (421)  
שָׁמַיִם heaven, sky (421)  
רַב great, many (419)  
חֶרֶב sword (413)  
בֵּין between (409)  
נָא please, now, surely (405)  
כֶּסֶף silver, money (403)  
מִזְבֵּחַ altar (403)  
מָקוׂם place, location (401)  

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