Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 399x-300x

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יָם sea (396)  
זָהָב gold (392)  
יָרַד Qal-to go down, come down, descend; Hi-bring down, lead down (382)  
רוּחַ spirit, wind, breath (378)  
בָּנָה Qal-to build, rebuild, build a family; Ni-be built, get a child from (377)  
אֵשׁ fire (376)  
נְאֻם utterance, announcement, revelation (376)  
שַׁעַר gate (373)  
נָגַד Hi-to tell, announce, report, declare, inform; Hoph-be told, be announced, be reported (371)  
דָּם blood (361)  
אָנׂכִי I (359)  
רָעָה evil, wickedness, calamity, disaster (354)  
מָלַךְ Qal-to be king or queen, reign, rule; Hi-make someone king or queen, install someone as king or queen (350)  
אׂהֶל tent (348)  
לֶחֶם bread, food (340)  
סָבִיב around, about; surroundings, circuit (338)  
עָשָׂר ten (337)  
עֵץ tree, wood (330)  
שָׂדֶה field, pasture land (329)  
בָּרַךְ Qal Passive Participle-blessed, praised, adored; Pi-bless, praise (327)  
כְּלִי vessel, implement, weapon (325)  
אוׂ or (321)  
בְּתוׂךְ in the midst of, inside (319)  
מִלְחָמָה war, battle, struggle (319)  
יָרֵא Qal-to fear, be afraid, be in awe of, reverence, hold in deference; Ni-be feared, be held in honor (317)  
נָבִיא prophet (317)  
עָנָה Qal-to answer, respond, reply, testify; Ni-be answered, receive answer (316)  
רַע bad, evil, wicked, of little worth (312)  
מִשְׁפָּחָה family, clan (304)  
פָּקַד Qal-to attend, attend to, pay attention to, take care of, miss someone, muster, number, appoint, visit; Ni-be missed, be visited, be appointed; Hi-appoint, entrust (304)  
מְאׂד very, exceedingly (300)  

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