Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 239x-210x

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אֵל God, god (237)  
שָׁלוׂם peace, welfare, wholeness, deliverance (237)  
זָכַר Qal-to remember, recall, call to mind, mention; Ni-be remembered, be thought of; Hi-cause to be remembered, remind, mention (235)  
מַעֲשֶׂה work, deed, act (235)  
לַיְלָה night (234)  
עָוׂן transgression, iniquity, guilt, punishment of sin (233)  
יָרַשׁ Qal-to inherit, take possession of, dispossess, take away someone's property; Hi-cause to possess or inherit, dispossess, impoverish (232)  
זֶרַע seed, offspring, descendants (229)  
רָבָה Qal-to be numerous, be great, increase; Hi-make many, make great, multiply, increase (229)  
קֶרֶב inner part(s), organ(s), body; in the middle of, among (227)  
בָּקַשׁ Pi-to seek, seek to find, seek to obtain, search for, look for, discover, demand, require; Pu-be sought (225)  
כָּתַב Qal-to write upon, register, record; Ni-be written (225)  
מוׂעֵד appointed time of feast, meeting place, assembly (223)  
תּוׂרָה law, instruction, teaching, custom (223)  
אֲדָמָה ground, land, earth (222)  
נַחֲלָה inheritance, property, possession (222)  
אֵם mother (220)  
כּוּן Ni-to be established, stand firm, be steadfast, be ready, be arranged; Hi-establish, set up, prepare, make ready, make firm; Polel-set up, establish (219)  
אָהַב Qal-to love; Pi Participle-lover (217)  
שָׁתָה Qal-to drink (217)  
בֶּגֶד clothes, garment, covering (216)  
נָטָה Qal-to spread out, stretch out, extend, pitch a tent, turn, bend; Hi-turn, incline, stretch out, spread out (216)  
מַחֲנֶה camp, army (215)  
עָזַב Qal-to leave, leave behind, forsake, abandon, set free, let go (214)  
בּׂקֶר morning (213)  
יָסַף Qal-to add, continue; Hi-add, increase, do again or more (213)  
מַלְאָךְ messenger, angel (213)  
נָצַל Ni-to be rescued, be delivered, be saved, save oneself; Hi-tear from, snatch away, take away, deliver from (213)  
שָׁכַב Qal-to lie down, have sexual intercourse with (213)  
מִנְחָה gift, offering, tribute (211)  

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