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אָב father  
אָבַד (Qal) to perish  
אֶ֫בֶן stone; rock (f)  
אָדוֹן master; lord  
אָדָם Adam; humankind; man  
אֲדָמָה earth (f); ground  
אָהֵב/אָהַב (Qal) to love  
אֹ֫הֶל tent  
אוֹר light; daylight  
אוֹת/אֹת pledge; sign  
אָז at that time; then  
אֹ֫זֶן ear  
אָח brother  
אֶחָד one  
אָחוֹת sister (f)  
אָחַז (Qal) to seize; grasp; lay hold of  
אַחֵר other; another  
אַחֲרֵי after; behind  
אֹיֵב enemy  
אַיֵּה where?  
אַ֫יִל ram  
אַ֫יִן/אֵין there is not; there are not  
אֵיפֹה where?  
אִישׁ humankind; man  
אָכַל to eat; consume  
אֵל strong one; god; God  
אֶל to; toward  
אַל not; no  
אֱלֹהִים gods; God  
אֶ֫לֶף thousand (m)  
אִם if  
אֵם mother (f)  
אָמַן (Qal) to support; (Niphal) to be faithful; reliable; (Hiphil) to believe  
אָמַר to say  
אֱמֶת truth; faithfulness (f); firmness  
אֲנָשִׁים men (irregular pl.)  
אָסַף (Qal) to gather; remove  
אָסַר (Qal) to tie; imprision; bind  
אַף nostril; nose; anger  
אַרְבַּע/אַרְבָּאָה four (f/m)  
אֶ֫רֶץ earth; land (f)  
אָרַר (Qal) to curse; banish  
אֵשׁ fire (m/f)  
אִשָּׁה woman; wife (f)  
אֲשֶׁר that; which; who  
אֵת/אֶת־ near; with  
אֶת־/אֵת [sign of the accusative]  
בְּ in; by; with  
בֶּ֫גֶד garment  
בּוֹא (Qal) to go in; enter; come in; (Hiphil) to bring; bring in  
בּוֹשׁ/בּשׁ confounded; (Hiphil) to confound; (Qal) to be ashamed; (Hithpolel) to be ashamed before one another; (Qal) to be ashamed  
בָּחַן try; to examine  
בָּחַר to choose; select  
בָּטַח to trust  
בִּין (Qal) to discern; understand; perceive  
בֵּין among; between  
בִּינָה understanding; perception (f)  
בַּ֫יִת tent; house  
בָּכָה (Qal) to weep; (Piel) to bewail  
בְּכוֹר firstborn  
בִּלְתִּי not (with infinitive construct)  
בָּמָה high place (f)  
בֵּן son; son  
בָּנָה construct; (Niphal) to be built; form; (Qal) to build  
בָּנוֹת daughters (f)  
בַּֽעֲבוּר for the sake of; because of  
בַּ֫עַד on behalf of; behind; (prep) away from  
בְּעֵינֵי in the opinion of; in the eyes of  
בָּעַר (Piel) to kindle; consume; burn  
בָּקָר herd; cattle; oxen  
בֹּ֫קֶר morning  
בָּקַשׁ exact; (Piel) to seek; desire  
בָּרָא to create  
בָּרַח (Qal) to flee  
בְּרִית covenant; treaty (f)  
בָּרַךְ (Qal) to bless  
בְּרָכָה blessing; gift (f)  
בָּשָׂר flesh; body  
בֹּ֫שֶׁת shame; disgrace (f)  
בַּת young girl (f); daughter  
בָּֽתִּים houses (irregular pl.)  
גָּאַל protect; to redeem  
גְּבוּל territory; border; boundary  
גִּבּוֹר (n) warrior; hero; (adj) mighty valiant  
גִּבְעָה hill; height (f)  
גָּדוֹל large; great  
גָּדַל (Qal) to be great; (Hiphil) to make great; cause to grow; magnify; magnify; become great; (Piel) to make great; do great things; (Qal) to be great  
גּוֹי nation; people; Gentile  
גּוּר sojourn; (Qal) to lodge  
גָּלָה (Qal) to uncover; remove; reveal; (Piel) to uncover; reveal; (Hiphil) to lead into exile  
גַּם also  
גָּמָל camel  
גַּן garden  
גָּרַשׁ expel; (Qal) to drive away; (Piel) to drive out  
דָּבַר (Piel) to speak  
דָּבָר matter; thing; word  
דּוֹר/דֹּר generation; age; period  
דָּם blood; bloodguiltiness  
דָּמַם (Qal) to be silent; dumb; (Hiphil) to destroy; astonished  
דֶּ֫רֶךְ road; way (m/f)  
דָּרַשׁ examine; inquire; to seek  
הֲ/הַ/הֶ (interrogative sentence indicator)  
הוּא it; he  
הָיָה (Qal) to be; happen; come to pass  
הֵיכָל palace; temple  
הָֽלְכוּ walked (mpl.); they went  
הָלַל (Piel) to praise  
הִנֵּה/הֵן look; here is  
הַר mountian; hill country  
הָרָה (Qal) to conceive; be pregnant  
וְ and; now; but  
זָבַח sacrifice; kill; to slaughter  
זֶ֫בַח sacrifice; slaughtering  
זָהָב gold  
זָכַר (Qal) to remember; (Hiphil) to remind; keep in remembrance; commemorate; to remember  
זָכָר male  
זֵ֫כֶר remembrance; memorial  
זָקֵן to be old; grow old; (adj) old; elder; (adj) elder; old; (n) old man  
זֶ֫רַע seed  
חַ the  
חָבָא (Hithpael) to hide oneself  
חָדַל leave off; to cease  
חָדָשׁ new  
חָוָה (Hishtaphel) to bow down; worship  
חוֹמָה wall (f)  
חוּץ outside  
חָזַק strengthen; (Qal) to be or grow strong or firm  
חָטָא to sin; miss (the mark or the way)  
חַטָּאת sin-offering (f); sin  
חַי living; alive  
חַיָּה animal (f); living thing  
חָיָה (Qal) to live; exist; (Piel) to make alive; restore alive  
חַיִּים lifetime; life  
חַ֫יִל strength; valor; power  
חָכָם wise; skillful  
חָכְמָה wisdom (f)  
חֲלוֹם dream  
חָלַךְ move to and fro; he walked; went; (Hithpael) to walk about  
חָלַל defile; (Niphal) to defile oneself; (Hiphil) to pollute; to begin  
חֲמוֹר donkey  
חָמֵשׁ/חֲמִשָּׁה five (f/m)  
חֵן grace; favor  
חָנַן (Qal) to show favor; (Hithpael) to seek or implore favor  
חֶ֫סֶד loving-kindness; loyal love  
חָפֵץ to delight in; have pleasure in  
חֲצִי half  
חָצֵר settlement; enclosure; village  
חֹק statute  
חֶ֫רֶב sword (f)  
חָרַג to kill; slay  
חָרָה be kindled; (Qal) to burn; be angry  
חָשַׁב (Qal) to think; account  
חָשׂךְ refrain; (Qal) to hold back; withhold  
חֹ֫שֶׁךְ obscurity; darkness  
טוֹב good  
טָמֵא (Qal) to be or become unclean; (Hithpael) to defile oneself  
טֶ֫רֶם before  
יָד hand (m/f)  
יָדָה give thanks; praise; (Hithpael) to confess; (Hiphil) to acknowledge  
יָדַע to know  
יָהַב (Qal) to give  
יְהוּדָה Judah  
יְהוָה YHWH; the Lord  
יוֹם day  
יָטַב (Qal) to be good; well; pleasing  
יָכֹל to be able  
יָלַד to bring forth; bear; beget  
יֶ֫לֶד child  
יָם sea  
יָמִים days (irregular pl)  
יָמִין right-hand  
יָסַף (Qal) to add; (Hiphil) to add  
יַ֫עַן because (used before infinitive construct)  
יָפֶה beautiful; excellent  
יָצָא to go out; come out  
יָצַב set or station oneself; (Hithpael) to take one's stand  
יָקָר rare; costly; precious  
יָרֵא to be afraid; fear  
יִרְאָה fear; reverence (f)  
יָרַד descend; to go down  
יָרָה (Qal) to throw; point; direct; teach; cast; (Hiphil) to throw  
יְרוּשָׁלַ֫יִם Jerusalem  
יָרֵחַ moon  
יָרַשׁ dispossess; (Qal) to inherit; take possession  
יֵשׁ/יֶשׁ־ there is; there are  
יָשַׁב sat; he dwelled  
יְשׁוּעָה deliverance; salvation (f)  
יָשֵׁן/יָשַׁן (Qal) to sleep  
יָשַׁע (Niphal) to be saved; (Hiphil) to save; deliver  
יָשָׁר upright; right; straight  
יִשְׂרָאֵל Israel  
יָתַר let remain; remain over; (Hiphil) to leave; (Niphal) to be left over  
כְּ like; as; according to  
כַּֽאֲשֶׁר when; as  
כָּבֵד important; (adj) heavy; to be heavy  
כָּבוֹד honor; glory  
כֹּה thus; so; here  
כֹּהֵן priest  
כּוֹכָב star  
כּוּן establish; (Niphal) to be established; prepare; faithful; (Hiphil) to set up; make ready; establish; (Polel) to set up; prepared  
כֹּחַ/כּוֹחַ power; strength  
כִּי because; that; when  
כֹּל/כָּל־ every; each; all  
כָּלָה complete; (Qal) to be finished; completed; (Piel) to finish  
כְּלִי utensil; vessel  
כָּמוֹ like  
כֶּן־/כֵּן (adv.) thus; so  
כִּסֵּא throne; chair  
כָּסָה (Qal) to cover; clothe; conceal; conceal; (Niphal) to be covered; (Piel) to cover  
כֶּ֫סֶף silver; money  
כַּף palm; sole (f); hand  
כָּפַר (Piel) to make atonement; expiate; pacify  
כְּרוּב cherub  
כֶּ֫רֶם vineyard; orchard  
כָּרַת cut off; to cut  
כָּתַב to write  
לְ for; to  
לֹא/לוֹא not; no  
לֵאמֹר (inf. const.) saying  
לֵב/לֵבָב heart  
לְבַד alone  
לָבַשׁ/לָבֵשׁ (Qal) to be clothed; array; put on garments; (Hiphil) to clothe  
לָחַם (Niphal) to fight; wage war; do battle  
לֶ֫חֶם bread; food  
לַ֫יְלָה night (m)  
לָכַד to capture; seize; take  
לָכֵן therefore  
לָמַד (Qal) to learn; (Piel) to teach  
לָ֫מָּה why? wherefore?  
לְמַ֫עַן for the sake of; in order that; so that  
לָקַח to take; receive  
לָשׁוֹן language; tongue  
מְאֹד very much; exceedingly; much  
מֵאָה hundred (f)  
מָאַן (Piel) to refuse; be unwilling  
מִדְבָּר desert; wilderness  
מָדַד (Qal) to measure  
מַה what?  
מוֹעֵד appointed time; meeting place; season  
מוּת (Polel) to kill; be dead; (Hiphil) to kill; (Qal) to die  
מָ֫וֶת death  
מִזְבֵּחַ altar  
מַחֲנֶה camp  
מָחַר hurry; (Niphal) to be hurried; rash; (Piel) to hasten  
מַטֶּה staff; tribe  
מִי who?  
מַ֫יִם waters (mpl); water  
מָכַר to sell  
מָלֵא filled; to be full  
מַלְאָךְ angel; messenger  
מְלָאכָה service; work; mission (f)  
מִלְחָמָה battle (f); war  
מָלַט (Niphal) to slip away; escape; be delivered  
מָלַךְ reign; to be/become king; rule  
מֶ֫לֶךְ king  
מַלְכָּה queen (f)  
מַמְלָכָה dominion (f); kingdom  
מִן from; some of  
מִנְחָה tribute; gift; offering (f)  
מִסְפָּר number  
מַֽעֲשֶׂה deed; work  
מָצָא to find  
מִצְוָה commandment (f)  
מָקוֹם place  
מִקְנֶה possession; cattle; property  
מַרְאֶה appearance; sight; vision  
מָרַר (Qal) to be bitter; (Piel) to show bitterness; (Hiphil) to make bitter  
מָשַׁח smear; to anoint  
מִשְׁכָּן tabernacle; dwelling place  
מָשַׁל (Qal) to rule; have dominion; (Hiphil) to cause to rule; exercise dominion  
מִשְׁפָּחָה clan (f); family  
מִשְׁפָּט judgment; decision  
נָא please; (or untranslated); now  
נָבָא (Hithpael) to prophesy  
נָבַט (Piel) to look; (Hiphil) to look; gaze  
נָבִיא prophet  
נְבִיאָה prophetness (f)  
נֶ֫גֶב south country; south; Negev  
נָגַד (Hiphil) to tell; declare  
נֶ֫גֶד (adv. or prep.) in front of; opposite  
נָגַע strike; (Qal) to touch  
נָגַשׁ (Qal) to approach; draw near  
נָדַר (Qal) to vow  
נֶ֫דֶר/נֵ֫דֶר vow  
נָהָר river  
נוּחַ lay down; settle down; (Hiphil) to cause to rest; (Qal) to rest; to set down  
נוּס (Qal) to flee; escape; (Hiphil) to put to flight  
נָחַם have compassion; (Piel) to comfort; console; repent; (Niphal) to be sorry  
נָטָה spread out; stretch out; (Qal) to extend  
נָכָה strike; (Hiphil) to attack; smite (archaic)  
נָסַע travel; to journey  
נַ֫עַל sandal; shoe (f)  
נַ֫עַר servant; lad; youth  
נָפַל lie; to fall  
נֶ֫פֶשׁ living being (f); life  
נָצַל snatch away; save; (Hiphil) to deliver; (Niphal) to be delivered; (Piel) to deliver  
נָשָׂא to lift up; carry; take  
נָשִׂיא chief prince; prince  
נָשִׁים women (f) (irregular pl.)  
נָתַן he gave  
סָבַב turn about; (Hiphil) to cause to turn; lead about; (Qal) to go around; surround  
סָבִיב circuit; round about  
סָגַר shut up; to close; shut  
סוּס horse  
סוּסָה mare (f)  
סוּר remove; depart; (Hiphil) to cause to turn away; (Qal) to turn aside  
סָפַר (Qal) to count; (Piel) to tell; relate; recount  
סֵ֫פֶר book  
סָתַר (Hiphil) to hide; (Niphal) to hide oneself; be hid; be concealed; conceal [something]  
עָבַד to work; serve  
עֶ֫בֶד slave; servant  
עֲבוֹדָה work; service (f); labor  
עָבַר transgress; cross through; overstep; (Qal) to cross over  
עִבְרִי (Proper Noun) Hebrew  
עַד as far as; until; up to  
עֵדָה congregation; assembly (f)  
עוֹד still; yet  
עוֹלָם antiquity; ever; long duration  
עָוֹן iniquity; guilt; punishment (for the iniquity)  
עָזַב loose; to leave; to leave; loose; forsake; forsake  
עַ֫יִן well (f); eye  
עִיר city (f)  
עַל־ on; upon; against; by; over  
עָלָה go up; (Qal) to ascend  
עֹלָה/עוֹלָה burnt offering (f)  
עִם with  
עַם nation; people  
עָמַד (Qal) to stand; to take one's stand  
עָנָה oppress; testify; sing; (Piel) to afflict; (Qal) to answer  
עֵץ tree; trees; wood  
עֵצָה advice (f); counsel  
עֶ֫רֶב evening  
עָשָׂה (Qal) to work; do; make  
עֶ֫שֶׂר/עֲשָׂרָה ten (f/m)  
עֵת time (f)  
עַתָּה now  
פֶּה edge; mouth; opening  
פֹּה here  
פָּלַל pray; judge; (Hithpael) to intercede; (Piel) to mediate  
פֶּן lest  
פָּנָה turn away; (Qal) to turn; turn to  
פָּנִים face (only pl)  
פָּקַד to appoint; visit; attend to  
פַּר young bull; bull  
פָּרָה young cow (f); heifer  
פְּרִי fruit  
פָּרַר annul; frustrate; (Hiphil) to break  
פָּתָה (Qal) to be simple  
פָּתַח (Qal) to open  
צֹאן sheep (f); flock  
צָבָא host; army  
צַדִּיק righteous  
צֶ֫דֶק righteousness  
צְדָקָה righteousness (f)  
צִוָּה (Piel) to command; appoint  
צוּר cliff; rock  
צָעַק to cry out; call out  
צָפוֹן north (f)  
צָרָה strait (f); distress  
קָבַץ collect; to gather; assemble  
קָבַר to bury  
קֶ֫בֶר grave  
קָדוֹשׁ/קָדֹשׁ (adj) holy; sacred; (n) sanctuary  
קֶ֫דֶם (adv.) east; front  
קָדֵשׁ/קָדַשׁ consecrate; set apart; be set apart; (Piel) to sanctify; (Qal) to be holy  
קָהָל congregation; assembly  
קוֹל sound; voice  
קוּם (Polel) to raise; stand; (Hiphil) to raise; stand up; (Qal) to arise; establish  
קָטֹן unimportant; small  
קָטַר (Piel) to burn; burn incense; sacrifice  
קָלַל (Qal) to be slight; curse; swift; (Piel) to make light; trifling; lighten; make contemptible; (Hiphil) to make light  
קָנָה acquire; (Homonym) to create; (Qal) to get  
קֵץ/קָצָה/קָצֶה extremity; end  
קָצַר (Qal) to reap; harvest  
קָרָא proclaim; to call; read; name  
קָרַב present; appraoch; (Hiphil) to bring near; draw near; (Qal) to come near  
קֶ֫רֶב midst  
קָרוֹב near  
קָשֶׂה difficult; hard  
רָאָה (Qal) to see; perceive; (Niphal) to appear; (Hiphil) to show  
רֹאשׁ chief; head; top  
רִאשׁוֹן/רִישׁוֹן first; former; chief  
רַב much; many  
רֹב abundance; greatness; multitude  
רָבָה many; multiply; (Qal) to be/become much; increase; great; (Piel) to make many; increase; (Hiphil) to make many  
רִבּוֹ/רְבָבָה ten thousand (f)  
רֶ֫גֶל foot (f)  
רָדַף persecute; chase; to pursue  
רוּחַ spirit; breath; mind (f)  
רוּם lift up; (Polel) to raise; elevate; make high; exalted; (Hiphil) to raise; (Qal) to be high  
רוּץ (Qal) to run; rush; (Hiphil) to chase away  
רֹ֫חַב breadth; width  
רָחוֹק (adj.) far; distant; (n) distance  
רָכַב to ride  
רַע evil  
רָעָב famine; hunger  
רָעָה (Qal) to guide; shepherd; tend; lead a flock  
רָעַע cause evil; (Qal) to be bad; evil; (Hiphil) to do evil  
רַק except; only  
רָשָׁע wicked; evil; guilty  
שָׁאַל to ask  
שָׁאַר remain; (Niphal) to be left over  
שֶׁ֫בֶט/שֵׁ֫בֶט scepter; tribe; rod; staff  
שָׁבַע take an oath; (Niphal) to swear  
שֶׁ֫בַע/שִׁבְעָה seven (f/m)  
שָׁבַר destroy; to break  
שַׁבָּת Sabbath (f sometimes m)  
שָׁבַת to cease; rest  
שָׂדֶה country; field  
שׁוּב bring back; repeat; (Qal) to return; turn back; repent; (Hiphil) to restore  
שׂוּם/שִׂים (Qal) to place; set; put  
שָׁחַת pervert; (Niphal) to be spoiled; corrupt; (Hiphil) to spoil; corrupted; (Piel) to ruin; ruin  
שִׁיר (Qal) to sing; song  
שִׁית/שׂוּת (Qal) to place; put; set  
שָׁכַב to lie down; recline  
שָׁכַח forsake; to forget  
שָׁכַן abide; settle down; to dwell  
שָׁלוֹם peace; welfare; prosperity  
שָׁלַח to send; stretch out; extend  
שֻׁלְחָן table  
שָׁלַךְ cast; fling; (Hiphil) to throw  
שָׁלֵם reward; sound; (Piel) to complete; complete; (Qal) to be whole; repay  
‍שָׁלשׁ/שְׁלשָׁה three (f/m)  
שֵׁם name  
שָׁם there  
שָׁמַד (Hiphil) to destroy; annihilate; (Niphal) to be destroyed  
שָׁמַח to be glad; rejoice  
שִׁמְחָה joy; gladness (f)  
שָׁמַ֫יִם sky; heaven  
שָׁמַם ravage; appalled; (Hiphil) to desolate; (Qal) to be desolated  
שְׁמֹנֶה/שְׁמֹנָה eight (f/m)  
שָׁמַע to hear; listen  
שָׁמַר guard; to keep; watch  
שֶׁ֫מֶשׁ sun  
שָׂנֵא (Qal) to hate  
שָׁנָה year (f)  
שְׁנַ֫יִם/שְׁתַּ֫יִם two (f/m)  
שַׁ֫עַר gate  
שָׂפָה edge (f); lip  
שָׁפַט govern; to judge  
שָׁפַךְ shed; pour out; to pour  
שָׁקָה give drink to; irrigate; (Hiphil) to water  
שֶׁ֫קֶר falsehood; deception; vanity  
שַׂר chief; prince; captain  
שָׂרָה Sarah; princess (f)  
שָׁרַף to burn  
שֵׁשׁ/שִׁשָּׁה six (f/m)  
שָׁתָה (Qal) to drink  
תָּ֫וֶךְ midst  
תּוֹעֵבָה taboo (f); abomination  
תּוֹרָה instruction (f); Law; law  
תַּ֫חַת instead of; under  
תָּמִיד (adv.) continually; continually  
תָּמַם finish; finished; (Hiphil) to complete; (Qal) to be complete  
תְּפִלָּה prayer (f)  
תָּפַשׂ to grasp; lay hold of; seize  
תֵּ֫שַׁע/תִּשְׁעָה nine (f/m)  

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