Lesson 26 vocab from Ross' Textbook

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גַּם also  
לָחַם wage war; (Niphal) to fight; do battle  
מוֹעֵד meeting place; appointed time; season  
מָלַט escape; be delivered; (Niphal) to slip away  
נָשִׂיא chief prince; prince  
סָתַר (Niphal) to hide oneself; be concealed; be hid  
עֵדָה congregation; assembly (f)  
עֵץ tree; trees; wood  
קָרָא proclaim; name; read; to call  
שָׁאַר remain; (Niphal) to be left over  
שֶׁ֫בֶט/שֵׁ֫בֶט scepter; tribe; rod; staff  
שָׁבַע (Niphal) to swear; take an oath  

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