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acne inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles; pimples  
arcrochordon small outgrowth of epidermal and dermal tissue  
actinic dermatitis inflammation of the skin caused by exposure to radiant energy, such as x-rays, ultraviolet light, and sunlight  
albinism absence of the pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes  
alopecia Loss of hair, baldness  
annhidrosis condition in which there is a lack of complete absence of sweating  
autograft graft taken from one part of the patient's body and transferred to another part  
avulsion process of forcibly tearing off a part or structure of the body, such as finger or toe  
basal cell carcinoma epithelial malignant tumor of the skin that rarely metastasizes  
bite injury in which a part of the skin is torn by an insect, animal, or human, resulting in abrasion, puncture, or laceration  
boil acute, painful nodule formed in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, gland, or hair follicles, most often caused by the invasion of staphylococci  
bulla larger blister  
burn injury to tissue caused by heat, fire, chemical agents, electricity, lightning, or radiation; classified according to degree or depth of skin damage  
callus hardened skin  
candidiasis infection of the skin or mucous membranes with any species of candida but chiefly candida albicans. candida is a genus of yeasts and was formerly called monilia  
causalgia intense burning pain associated with trophic skin changes in the hand or foot after trauma to the part  
cellulitis inflammation of cellular or connective tissue  
cicatrix scar left after the healing of a wound  
comedo blackhead  
corn horny induration and thickening of the skin on the toes caused by ill-fitting shoes  
cryosurgery technique of using subfreezing temperature (usually with liquid nitrogen) to produce well-demarcated areas of cell injury and destruction  
cutaneous pertaining to the skin  
cyst closed sac that contains fluid semifluid, or solid material  
debridement removal of foreign material or damaged or dead tissue, especially in a wound. used to promote healing and to prevent infection  
decubitus literally means a lying down; a bedsore  
dehiscence separation or bursting open of a surgical wound  
dermabrasion surgical procedure to remove acne scars, nevi, tattoos, or fine wrinkles on the skin by using sandpaper, wire brushes, or other abrasive materials on an anesthetized epidermis  
dermatitis inflammation of the skin  
dermatologist physician who specializes in the study of the skin  
dermatology (derm) study of the skin  
dermatome instrument used to cut the skin for grafting  
dermomycosis skin condition caused by a fungus  
ecchymosis condition in which the blood seeps into the skin causing discolorations ranging from blue-black to greenish yellow  
eczema inflammatory skin disease of the epidermis  
erythema redness of the skin  
erythroderma abnormal redness of the skin occuring over widespread areas of the body  
eschar slough, scab  
excoriation abrasion of the epidermis by scratching, trauma, chemicals, burns  
exudate production of pus or serum  
folliculitis inflammation of a follicle or follicles  
gangrene means an eating sore.  
herpes simplex inflammatory skin disease caused by a herpes virus; cold sore or fever blister  
hidradenitis inflammation of the sweat glands  
hives eruption of itching and burning swellings of the skin  
hyperhidrosis condition of excessive sweating  
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin or inserted under the skin  

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