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quid agis how are you?  
invidere to envy  
otium leisure  
orationes habitum (in order) to give speeches  
orationes auditum (in order) to hear speeches  
privatus private  
arbor, arboris tree  
querela complaint  
triumphum agere to celebrate a triumph  
de Germanis over the Germans  
mirabile dictu strange to say  
patria country, homeland  
vesetis clothing  
indutus dressed  
litterae letters  
terribilis frightening  
seiunctus separate  
consilium council  
turpis shameful  
mentiri to lie  
incestum immorality  
supplicum ulitimum death penalty  
decernere to vote, decree  
impudentia shamelessness  
ob on account of, because of  
impurus immoral  
recitatio recital public reading  
nonnumquam sometimes  
ideo...quod for the reason that, because  
reprehendere to blame, criticize  
cum primum as soon as  
quaeso i beg, please  
dolere to grieve, be sad  
frui to enjoy  
ruri in the country  
iucundus pleasant  
foras ouside outdoors  
venari to hunt  
vincinus neighbor  
sicut...ita just as...so  
colonus tenant-farmer  
abstinere to abstain  
sumere to take  
cloaca drain  
confidere to be sure  
aliqui some  
quadriga chariot  
nugae nonsense, foolish talk  
epigramma epigram  
admonere to warn  
nominare to name  
male badly  
irasci to become angry  
auditorium auditorium, hall  
colloqui to talk, chat  
auditor listener  
evolvere to unroll, open  
complures several  
foedus foul, disgusting  
obscenus obscene, disgusting  
ratio reason  
haec...illa this one...that one  
interpellatio interruption  
renovare to continue, resume  
sibilare to hiss  
princeps emperor  
componere to compose, make-up  
aethera sky, heaven  
contingere to touch  
clarius...nihil nothing more splendid  
orbis globe, world  
vertex top,peak  
sidus star  
par equal  
minor...domino smaller than its master  
adulatio flattery  
ad ectremam scaenam to the edge of the stage  
discipulus student  
languere to feel weak, sick  
protinus immediately  
tangere to touch  
gelere to freeze  
febris fever  
Aquilo North Wind  
luscus one-eyed  
mirari to admire  
tanti non est...perire it is not worth dying  
superandi causa for the sake of overpowering, to overpower  
in potestatem redigere to bring under control  
victorium referre to win a victory  
initium beginning  
aestas summer  
proelium battle  
satis constat is is generally agreed  
affirmare to declare  
coniunx wife  
firmare to stregthen , establish  
parcere to spare  
se dedere to surrender, give up  
tributum tribute, tax  
molliter gently, leniently  
adsumere to adopt  
sollicitare to worry  
timeo ne I am afraid that  
inquietus unsettled  
quod si but if  
aurum gold  
equidem indeed  
obtinere to hold  
consularis ex-cousul  
meditatus considered  
deprehendere to discover  
sensus feeling  
quicquid whatever  
similis similar  
ad te iuvandum to help you  
modo just now  
suadere to advise,suggest  
supercillia contrahere to draw eyebrows together  
moderatio moderation,caution  
breviter briefly  
commode appropriately  
amplius more fully  
vereri to be afraid  
consideratus careful, well-considered  
uti to use  
elatus excited, carried away  
copiae forces  
obicere to put in the way of, expose to  
praetorio commander of praetorian guard  
sapienter wisely  
speciosus impressive  
aerarium treasury  
nec...nec neither...nor  
comparare to compare  
gerere to achieve  
proximus last  
oblivisci to forget  
meminimus we remember  
regere to rule  
cupido desire  
imperium power  
fieri to become, be made  
non...dibitabat quin did not doubt that  
odium hatred  
invidia jealousy, envy  
adfinis realive by marriage  
idem...ac the same...as  
propter because of  
adfinitas relationship  
virtus virtue  
asciscere to adopt  
cognomina surname  
meis filis asciscendis by adopting my sons  
afficere to treat  
quattuordecim fourteen  
aetate florere to be in the prime of life  
bis twice  
iungere to join  
uterque each, both  
repudiare to divorce  
cognata relative by birth  
quid multa? in brief, in short  
gener son-in-law  
gratus acceptable  
mutare to change  
queri to lament, complain about  
consolari to console  
nubere to marry  
quid faciam? what am i to do?  
venustas charm  
movere to move, influence  
avus grandfather  
esto! Be!  
pridie the day before  
errare to wander  
ignnorare to not know  
odiosus hateful  
eripere to rescue, snatch away  
est mihi I have  
crastinus tomorrow's  
prius...quam before  
uxorem ducere to take as a wife, marry  
distrahere to tear apart  
huc...illuc this way...that way  
pietas duty  
intra inside  
simulare to pretend  
iurare to swear  
deficere to fail,die away  
dextra right hand  
arripere to seize  
testari to call to witness  
ardenter passionately  
confarreatio wedding ceremony  
nuptialis wedding  
flammeum veil  
superponere to place on  
oriri to rise up  
feliciter! good luck!  
libum farreum cake made from grain  
iuxta side by side  
in manum...convenire to pass into hands of  
tabulae nuptiales marriage contract  
occidere to set  
prior earlier  
chorus chorus,choir  
musicus musician  
abripere to tear away from  
foras out of the house  
sistere to stop  
sollemnis solemn traditional  
postis post,doorpost  
fascinatio the evil eye  
avertere to avert, turn away  
morere! die!  
luctari to struggle  
excogitare to invent,think up  
horrescere to shudder  
abducere to lead away  
studium study  
litterae literature  
genus mortale the human race  
fulmen thunderbolt  
cremare to burn, destroy by fire  
diversus different  
nimbus rain cloud  
diluvium flood  
perdere to destroy  
prudenter sensibly  
se gerere to behave, conduct oneself  
inquisitio examination,investigation  
musca fly  
configere to stab  
respicere to look up  
displicere to displease  
discere to learn  
repente suddenly  
fabulosus legendary, famous  
facundus fluent, eloquent  
merito deservedly, rightly  
oratio soluta prose speech  
narratio narration  
cuctanter slowly hesitantly  
includere to shut up  
Notus south wind  
gravere to load, wiegh down  
imber rain  
tridens trident  
campus plain  
excipere to take over  
tellus land,earth  
discrimen boundary, dividing line  
remigare to row  
arare to plow  
supra over on top of  
aut or  
mergere to submerge  
piscis fish  
ovis sheep  
fulvus tawny, light brown  
capella she goat  
gracilis graceful  
causam dicere to plead a case  
facunde fluently, eloquently  
fallere to escape notice of, slip  
resumere to pick up again  
captare to try to catch  

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