Avancemos text 1: Numbers

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one uno  
two dos  
three tres  
four cuatro  
five cinvo  
six seis  
seven siete  
eight ocho  
nine nueve  
ten diez  
eleven once  
twelve doce  
thirteen trece  
fourteen catorce  
fifteen quince  
sixteen dieciseis  
seventeen diecisiete  
eighteen dieciocho  
nineteen diecinueve  
twenty veinti  
thirty treina  
forty cuarenta  
fifty cincuenta  
sixty sesenta  
seventy setenta  
eighty ochenta  
ninety noventa  
one hundred cien  
two hundred doscientos  
three hundred trescientos  
four hundred cuatrocientos  
five hundred quinientos  
six hundred seiscientos  
seven hundred setecientos  
eight hundred ochocientos  
nine hundred novecientos  
thousand mil  
hundred thousand cien mil  
million un million  

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