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brauchen to need  
haben to have  
durst haben to be thirsty  
gern haben to like (a person or thing)  
Hunger haben to be hungry  
Lust haben to feel like (doing something)  
Recht haben to be correct  
Zeit haben to have time  
kaufen to buy  
kosten to cost  
laufen to run, jog  
lesen to read  
nehmen to take  
schlafen to sleep  
schreiben to write  
schwimmen to swim  
sehen to see  
sprechen to speak  
suchen to look for  
trinken to drink  
aber but, however  
bequem comfortable  
billig inexpensive  
da there  
dringend urgent  
dunkel dark  
frei free  
gerade just, exactly  
gern gladly  
gern + verb to like to do something  
groSS big, large  
hAsslich ugly  
hell bright, light  
hoch high  
klein small  
mObliert furnished  
unmObliert unfurnished  
niedrig low  
noch still; yet  
nur only  
preiswert inexpensive  
recht quite, rather  
schon already  
schOn nice, beautiful  
selten rare  
so so  
teuer expensive  
viel much, many  
vielleicht maybe, perhaps  
wieder again  
etwas something, somewhat  
kein no, none, not any  
nichts nothing  
warum why  
Was ist denn los? What's the matter?  
weit weg von... far away from...  
zentral gelegen centrally located  

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