Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 49x-48x

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אֱמוּנָה faithfulness, reliability (49)  
אֵפׂד on account of, in order that (49)  
בָּגַד Qal-to act or deal treacherously, faithlessly or deceitfully with (49)  
בַּעֲבוּר on account of, in order that (49)  
גָּאוׂן majesty, exaltation, pride (49)  
מַעֲלָה ascent, step, stairs (49)  
מִשְׁקָל weight (49)  
נָגַף Qal-to smite, strike, injure; Ni-be smitten, be struck (49)  
פַּחַד trembling, terror, dread (49)  
פֶּסַח Passover (49)  
קָצִיר harvest (49)  
תְּכֵלֶת blue or purple material (49)  
תִּפְאֶרֶת beauty, glory, splendor (49)  
אֵמֶר word, saying, speech (48)  
בָּרָא Qal-to create (only with God as subject); Ni-be created (48)  
גִּלּוּלִים (mp) idols (48)  
דַּל poor, weak, needy (48)  
חֶבֶל rope, cord, field, region (48)  
חִיל Qal-to writhe, travail, be in labor, tremble (48)  
חֲנִית spear (48)  
יָצַב Hith-to take one's stand, stand firm, station oneself, present oneself before, resist (48)  
לִשְׁכָּה room, chamber, hall (48)  
מַכָּה wound, injury, defeat (48)  
נְבֵלַה carcass, corpse (48)  
סָמַךְ Qal-to support, uphold, sustain, help, lean or lay hand upon; Ni-lean on or against, support oneself (48)  
רָצָה Qal-to be pleased with, be favorable to, be well disposed toward, accept with pleasure, become friends with (48)  
שַׂק sack, sackcloth (48)  
שְׁבִי captivity, captives (48)  
שַׁדַּי (divine title) Almighty, Shaddai (48)  

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