Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 47x-46x

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אַרְיֵה (ms) lion (47)  
גִּיל Qal-to shout with joy, rejoice (47)  
חָרַשׁ Qal-to be silent, be deaf; Hi-become silent, be deaf, keep still (47)  
יָרָה Hi-to instruct, teach (47)  
מָתְנַיִם (md) hips, waist, loins (47)  
סָלַח Qal-to pardon, forgive; Ni-be forgiven (47)  
עַד forever, eternal (47)  
פָּרַר Hi-to break out, destroy, put an end to, frustrate, make ineffectual (47)  
צָפָה Pi-overlay, plate with gold (47)  
צָרַר Qal-to wrap up, tie up, bind, shut away; be cramped, be restricted, be hampered, be depressed; Hi-oppress, harass, afflict (47)  
קָוָה Pi-to wait for, wait with eagerness, hope (47)  
רָחַם Pi-to show love for, have compassion, take pity on someone, greet or meet someone with love (47)  
רָצַח Qal-to kill, murder, slay (47)  
שֶׂה (ms) sheep, lamb (47)  
שָׁבָה Qal-to take captive, deport (47)  
אָשָׁם guilt, guilt offering (46)  
דֶּבֶר plague, pestilence (46)  
יַחַד together, along with (46)  
מִשְׁכָּב bed, couch (46)  
מִשׁתֶּה (ms) feast, banquet (46)  
נָכְרִי foreign, strange (46)  
נְעוּרִים youth (46)  
עָצַר Qal-to hold back, restrain, hinder, imprison; Ni-be restrained, be shut up, be brought to a halt, be detained (46)  
פָּגַע Qal-to meet, encounter, fall upon, attack, assail, reach (46)  
פָּרַץ Qal-to break through, break out or into, make a breach, burst open, spread out (46)  
קוׂמָה height (46)  
קָשַׁב Hi-give attention, listen carefully or attentively (46)  
רָפָה Qal-to sink, drop, relax, grow slack; Hi-abandon, forsake, desert, leave alone (46)  

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