71-80 most frequent mandarin chinese characters.

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dang1/dang4 to be/to act as/manage/withstand/when/during/ought/should/match equally/equal/same/obstruct/just at (a time or place)/on the spot/right/just at, at or in the very same.../to pawn/suitable/adequate/fitting/proper/replace/represent  
mei2/mo4 (negative prefix for verbs)/have not/not, drowned/to end/to die/to inundate  
dong4 to use/to act/to move/to change  
mian4 fade/side/surface/aspect/top/face/flour/noodles, flour/noodles  
qi3 to rise/to raise/to get up  
kan1/kan4 to look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard, it depends/think/to see/to look at  
ding4 to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order  
tian1 day/sky/heaven  
fen1/fen4 to divide/minute/(a measure word)/(a unit of length = 0.33 centimeter), part  
hai2/huan2/huan4 also/in addition/more/still/else/still/yet/(not) yet, (surname)/pay back/return  

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