The Major Greek prepositions

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εις into, in, among  
απο (away) from  
δια gen: through acc: on account of  
εκ, εξ from, out of  
μετα gen: with acc: after  
παρα gen: from dat: beside, in the presence of acc: alongside of  
υπο gen: by acc: under  
προς to, towards, with  
ανα among, between with numerals: each  
αντι in behalf of, for, instead of  
επι gen: on, over, when dat: on the basis of at acc: on, to, against  
κατα gen: down from, against acc: according to, throughout, during  
περι gen: concerning, about acc: around  
προ before  
συν dat: with  
υπερ gen: in behalf of acc: above  

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