Aramaic vocab from Lesson XIV

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אַפְּתׂם store-house, treasury  
אֲתָה to come  
בְּאִישׁ bad  
בּלה Pael-to wear out  
בְּלוׂ tax  
הֲלָךְ toll, tax  
חֲיָה to live  
חיה Aphel-to let live, restore to life  
כּרה Ithpeel-to be distressed  
לְוָת near, beside, with  
מלא Hithpeel-to be filled  
מנה Pael-to appoint  
מָרָד rebellious  
נזק Haphel-to damage  
נְשָׂא to take, carry away, lift up  
סְלִק to go/come up  
צלה Pael-to pray  
שׁנה Pael-to change, violate; Haphel-to alter, violate; Hithpaal/Ithpaal-to be changed  

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