Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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הָפַךְ Qal-to turn, overturn, overthrow, destroy; Hi-be destroyed, be turned into, be changed (95)  
זָנָה Qal-to commit fornication, be a harlot (prostitue), be unfaithful (60)  
חָרָה Qal-to be hot, burn with anger, become angry (93)  
רָעַע Qal-to be bad, evil or displeasing; Hi-do evil, do wickedly, do injury, harm, treat badly (98)  
שָׂבַע Qal-to be satisfied or satiated, have one's fill, eat or drink one's fill; Hi-satisfy (97)  
שָׁכַח Qal-to forget; Ni-be forgotten (102)  
שָׁמֵם Qal-to be deserted, be uninhabited, be desolated, be appalled; Ni-be made uninhabited, desolate or deserted; Hi-cause to be deserted or desolated (92)  
זָכָר male, man (82)  
חׂשֶׁךְ darkness (80)  
מִגְרָשׁ open land, pasture (114)  
מַמְלָכָה kingdom, dominion, reign (117)  
נָהָר river, stream (119)  
צֶדֶק righteousness, equity (123)  
רׂעֶה shepherd (84)  

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