Mandarin (Simplified), some names in English...

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民族 mín zú - nationality / ethnic group  
少数民族 shǎo shù mín zú - minority nationality / national minority  
汉族 hàn zú - ( n. ) the Chinese race  
回族 huí zú - Hui Minority (nationality) people living across China  
藏族 zàng zú - Tibetan nationality  
Zhuang - (16 million, integrated)  
Manchu - (10 million, integrated, NE, famous literature)  
Hui - (9 million, Han-appearance, Islamic, integrated)  
Miao - (8 million, aka Hmong)  
Uyghur - (7 million, Islamic, separatist)  
Yi - (7 million, tibeto-burman)  
Tujia - (5.75 million, isolate from Yi language, renouned for singing and brocade)  
Mongols - (5 million, Buddhist)  
Tibetan - (5 million, Buddhist, separatist)  
Buyi - (3 million, like Zhuang, bordering vietnam)  
Korean - (2 million, integrated)  

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