Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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ἀληθεια truth  
ἀληθινος true, genuine, real  
ἐγγυς near  
ἐκει there (in that place)  
ἐκειθεν from there  
εὐθυς immediately  
καθως just as  
καλως appropriately, well  
ναι yes, of course  
ὁμοιος similar, like  
ὁμοιως likewise  
ὁπου where  
ὁς, ἥ, ὅ who, which, what  
ὁτι that, because, or " (marking beginning of speech)  
οὑ where  
οὐδε and not  
οὐτε neither (οὐτε ... οὐτε -- neither ... nor)  
οὑτως in this manner, thus  
οὐχι not, no  
πλην however, yet  
ποθεν; from where? (or how?)  
ὡδε here  
ἐμπροσθεν (+gen) in front of  
ἑνεκα (+gen) for the sake of  
περαν (+gen) on the other side of  
χωρις (+gen) separate, apart from  
Πιλατος Pilate  
ἐγγιζω (+dat) I approach, come near  
ἡγεομαι I lead  
θαυμαζω I am amazed  
θεραπευω I heal  
καθευδω I sleep  

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