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sagacious able to discern and distinguish with wise perception  
salacious having strong sexual desires  
salient standing out prominently (also, salience)  
salutary beneficial  
sanctimonious making an ostentatious display or hypocritical pretense of holiness or piety  
sanguine having the color of blood (sanguinary: bloody)  
sapid affecting the sense of taste  
sapience deep wisdom or knowledge  
sapient possessing wisdom (also, sapiential)  
sarcophagus a stone coffin or a chest-like tomb  
sardonic scornfully or bitterly sarcastic  
satyr a very lascivious person  
scintilla the faintest ray  
scrupulous cautious in action for fear of doing wrong  
scurrilous grossly indecent or vulgar  
scythe a long curved blade for mowing, reaping, etc.  
secant cutting, especially into two parts  
sedate even-tempered  
sedentary involving or requiring much sitting  
sedulous persevering in effort or endeavor  
sensuous having a warm appreciation of beauty or of the refinements of luxury  
sequacious ready to be led  
sequester to cause to withdraw or retire, as from society or public life  
sequestrate to confiscate  
shiftless wanting in resources, energy, or executive ability  
sibilant made with a hissing sound (sibilance)  
sidelong inclining or tending to one side  
sidereal pertaining to stars or constellations  
sinecure any position having emoluments (fees, profit, salary) with few or no duities  
sinuous curving in and out  
skiff usually, a small, light boat propelled by oars  
sociable inclined to seek company  
sol the sun  
solecism any violation of established rules or customs  
solicitude uneasiness of mind occasioned by desire, anxiety, or fear  
soliloquy a monologue  
somniferous tending to produce sleep  
somnolence oppressive drowsiness  
somnolent sleepy  
sonorous resonant  
sophism a false argument understood to be such by the reasoner himself and intentionally used to deceive  
sophistical fallacious  
sophistry reasoning that is sound in appearance only, especially when designedly deceptive  
sordid of degraded character or nature  
specious plausible  
specter apparition  
spinster a woman who has never been married  
sprightly animated, vivacious, lively  
spurious not genuine  
squalid having a dirty, mean, poverty-stricken appearance  
stagy having a theatrical manner  
staid of a steady and sober character  
statuesque having the grace, pose, or quietude of a statue  
stiletto a small dagger  
stolid expressing no power of feeling or perceiving  
stultify to give an appearance of foolishness to  
subacid somewhat sharp or biting  
subliminal being beneath the threshold of consciousness  
subsist to be maintained or sustained  
subterfuge evasion  
subtrahend that which is to be subtracted  
suffuse to cover or fill the surface of  
sumptuous rich and costly  
superannuate to become deteriorated or incapacitated by long service  
supercilious exhibiting haughty and careless contempt  
superfluity that part of anything that is in excess of what is needed  
supine lying on the back  
surfeit to feed to fullness or to satiety  
surreptitious clandestine  
swarthy having a dark hue, especially or sunburned perplexion  
sybarite a luxurious person  
sycophant a servile flatterer, especially of those in authority or influence  
sylph a slender, graceful young woman or girl  
syndicate an association of individuals united for the prosecution of some enterprise  

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