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Russell McCloud New Port Richey // Civil  
Tiffany Hoadley Bonita Springs // ME  
Danielle Grimmer Largo // ISE  
Rhea Pereira Abu Dhabi, UAE // Bio E  
Jennifer Jones Palm Harbor // Bio E  
Lyndsey Shaet Jacksonville // Aero  
Sean Ficht Niceville // EE  
Brian Drehoff Winter Springs // EE  
Megan Wolfe Winter Springs // ISE  
Megan Berry Weston // ISE  
Steve Shryock Miramar // History  
Jeremy Brown Palatka // Sports Management  
Toni Tallie Valrico // Chemistry  
Satish Singh St. Lucia // Chem E  
Vicky Alvarado Miami // ISE  
Ben Messerschmidt Boca Raton // Civil  
Javier Ortega Punto Fijo, Venezuela // ME  
Barrie Stern Palm Beach Gardens // ISE  
James Britton Clearwater // ISE  

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