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C152 Cessna 152  
C172 Cessna 172  
P46T Piper Meridien  
PC12 PC-12  
PC6T Turbo Porter  
AC11 Commander 112  
TRIN Trinidad  
TOBA Tobago  
TBM7 TBM-700  
AS02 Bravo  
P28A Piper Cherokee / Warrior / Archer  
M20T Mooney 252 / Encore  
PA46 Piper Malibu  
P32R Piper Saratoga 2  
C210 Cessna 210 / Centurion  
PA32 Piper Saratoga / Turbo Saratoga  
P28R Piper Arrow  
BE36 Beech Bonanza 36  
C208 Cessna 208 / Caravan 1  
C82R Cessna 182 RG  
C182 Cessna 182  
DR40 Robin (DR-400)  
P210 Pressurized Centurion (C-210P)  
BE33 Beech Bonanza 33 / Debonair  
DA40 Diamond Star  
DV20 Katana  

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