Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 69x-65x

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חֵן favor, grace, charm (69)  
עֵד witness (69)  
קָדִים east, eastern, east wind (69)  
רָפָא Qal-to heal; Ni-be healed, become whole; Pi-heal, make healthy (69)  
כִּכָּר (fs) something round, talent (weight), valley (68)  
אַתְּ you (2fs personal pronoun) (67)  
בּוׂר pit, cistern, well (67)  
כָּתֵף (fs) side, shoulder (67)  
פָּרַשׂ Qal-to spread out (as with wings or hands in prayer), stretch out or over (67)  
קֶבֶר grave, burial site (67)  
קֵץ end, border, limit (67)  
אֲחֻזָּה property, possession (66)  
גֶּבֶר strong man, young man, hero (66)  
חֵלֶק portion, share (66)  
שְׁאֵרִית remnant, remainder (66)  
אִשֶּׁה (ms) offering by fire (65)  
חֲלוׂם dream (65)  
כָּשַׁל Qal-to stumble, totter, stagger; Ni-be caused to stumble, stumble (65)  
נָצַח Pi-to supervise, oversee or inspect works and activites related to the temple (65)  
פּוּץ Qal-to be spread, be dispersed, be scattered, overflow; Ni-be scattered, be dispersed; Hi-scatter, disperse (65)  
צָלַח Qal-to succeed, prosper, be successful; Hi-be successful, succeed, cause to succeed, or prosper (65)  
שְׁאוׂל underworld, Sheol (65)  
שָׁכַם Hi-to get up early, rise early, do something early (65)  
תָּפַשׂ Qal-to lay hold of, seize, capture, grasp; Ni-be seized, be caught, be captured, be conquered (65)  

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