Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 179x-160x

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לָמָּה why? (178)  
שָׂפָה lip, language, edge, shore (178)  
שָׁאַל Qal-to ask of, inquire of, request, demand (176)  
חָוָה Hishtaphel-to bow down, worship (173)  
בָּחַר Qal-to choose, test, examine (172)  
אַיִל ram, ruler; mighty (171)  
בִּין Qal-to understand, perceive, consider, give heed to; Ni-be discerning, have understanding; Hi-understand, make understand, teach; Hith-show oneself perceptive, behave intelligently (171)  
לָחַם Qal/Ni-to fight, do battle with (171)  
עֵדַה congregation, assembly (171)  
קָדַשׁ Qal-to be holy, set apart or consecrated; Ni-show oneself holy, be honored or treated as holy; Pi-set apart, consecrate or dedicate as holy, observe as holy; Hi-consecrate, dedicate or declare as holy; Hith-show or keep oneself holy (171)  
דּוׂר generation (167)  
הָרַג Qal-to kill, slay (167)  
מְלָאכָה work, occupation, service (167)  
רָעָה Qal-to pasture, tend flocks, graze, shepherd, feed (167)  
אַחֵר other, another, foreign (166)  
דָּרַשׁ Qal-to seek, inquire, investigate, ask for, require, demand (165)  
חוּץ outside, street (164)  
פֶּתַח opening, entrance, doorway (164)  
סָבַב Qal-to turn about, go around, march around, surround; Ni-turn; Hi-cause to go around, lead around; Polel-encompass with protection (163)  
זֶבַח sacrifice (162)  
טָמֵא Qal-to become unclean; Ni-to defile oneself; Pi-defile, pronounce or declare unclean; Hith-defile oneself, become unclean (162)  
אַךְ only, surely, nevertheless (161)  
בַּעַל owner, master, husband, Baal (161)  
לְבַד alone, by oneself (161)  
גִּבּוׂר mighty, valiant, heroic; hero (160)  
נוּס Qal-to flee, escape (160)  

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