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Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Vocab from Unit 12 of Complete Norwegian

GRE words Sam needs to work on

Aramaic vocab from Lesson X

GRE words Sam needs to work on

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 129x-120x

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XIV

Exegetical Terms from the Appendix of Old Testament Exegesis

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 99x-90x

Japanese katakana characters including basic, dakuon, handakuon, youon, and double/long

Vocab from Unit 16 of Complete Norwegian

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XX

HTTP Status Codes for 1.1 as defined by W3

French cards for my first quiz in French year 1

vietnamese food terms

randomized wordlist

Biblical Greek Vocabulary

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XV

Russian Alphabet

Aramaic vocab from Lesson IX

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