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Aramaic vocab from Lesson XII

Biblical Hebrew Vocabularly - word frequency 109x-100x

Vocabulary from top-selling English–Greek textbook

Biblical Greek Vocabulary

Vocab from Unit 6 of Complete Norwegian

People and Places in the Greek text of John's Gospel in order of frequency

Vocab from Unit 15 of Complete Norwegian

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 89x-80x

mrs. hopper

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XI

Chapter 1

Vocab from Unit 14 of Complete Norwegian

words for the first 99 numbers in the Major System

For the HSK exam, Level 1.3

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 129x-120x

Aramaic vocab from Lesson X

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XIV

Vocab from Unit 4 of Complete Norwegian

Hebrew Vowel Points (using Aleph as a base)

Aramaic vocab from Lesson XV

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