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Modules that Provide String Services in Python 2.7

Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

Aramaic vocab from Lesson VII

French cards for my first quiz in French year 1

Biblical Greek Vocabulary

Vocabulary List 7 (Kittel)

Aramaic vocab from Lesson VI

Aramaic vocab from Lesson V

Aramaic vocab from Lesson III

Vocabulary List 5 (Kittel)

Biblical Hebrew Vocabularly - word frequency 109x-100x

Aramaic vocab from Lesson IV

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 139x-130x

Biblical Hebrew Pronominal Suffixes

1-10 Most frequent mandarin chinese characters.

Vocabulary List 4 (Kittel)

The 99 most commonly used words - ca. 50% of all words used

Biblical Hebrew Independent Personal Pronouns

Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - word frequency 179x-160x

misc. vocab words

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